Three top Olympic prizes – an incredible outcome of the games in Albertville for the skaters!

Three top Olympic prizes – an incredible outcome of the games in Albertville for the skaters!

An unexpected and all more great was actually the success of Viktor Petrenko, an 18-year-old skater from Odessa, who originally wanted to go into the leading six.

Ahead of the 1992 Olympics Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko, the «silver couples» in ice dancing from the final Olympiad, passed away to Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova, who added initial choreography on the outstanding approach they had resolved along with their first advisor Natalia Dubova

Because bear in mind, one Olympic champion among men was Nikolai Panin-Kolomenkin back in 1908 in London, and Igor Petrenko became the next during the Albertville Olympics. Silver honors, it’s possible to state in line with the set up tradition, had been claimed by our very own couples – college students of Tamara Moskvina Natalia Mishkutenok and Artur Dmitriev, who sang an exceedingly technical and good regimen towards secret audio of Franz Liszt. «sterling silver» ended up being obtained by Elena Bechke and Denis Petrov, just who in addition trained with Moskvina.

Their unique amazing brand-new regimen earned them the long-awaited Olympic silver medal. Maya Usova and Alexander Zhulin, students of Natalia Dubova, became bronze medalists.

In the 1994 Olympic Winter video games, Russia played as an unbiased employees for the first time and again turned 3 x gold.

In men’s room single skating, the «golden» show ended up being the efficiency of Alexei Urmanov, which complete maximum quantity of multiple leaps. Ice dancing produced our team silver and gold medals. Oksana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov turned into Olympic champions, and e sterling silver medalists.

The come back to «amateurs» from specialist ice ballet is triumphant for Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov – they became two-time Olympic champions!

The very first time from the Olympic Games, we starred since United teams from the region that have been previously an element of the USSR

The first silver medal in figure skating in Nagano ended up being the medal of Ilya Kulik, alone of the many individuals into the competition who just perfectly completed all of the aspects of the program, but took a huge chances – a leap of 4 changes, which then no body could create.

Among sports couples, an important fight ended up being between the duets – the practiced Arthur Dmitriev using brand new partner Oksana Kazakova together with young duet Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze. A German few competed together. But merely Dmitriev and Kazakova skated her regimen perfectly, having won the 10th Olympic gold medal for their employees in this types of figure skating.

Ice dance became a genuine experience – when it comes to next amount of time in a-row Oksana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov turned Olympic champions, revealing actual professionalism and strength. Our few Angelica Krylova and Oleg Ovsyannikov furthermore became silver medalists.

The Salt Lake urban area Games had been rife with scandals. Maybe not without a misunderstanding in figure skating. Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze obtained gold medals in pair skating, but the evaluator pionship making use of the Canadian set, the Canadian pair D. Sale and D. Peletier. The very first time in the history of the Winter Olympics in pair skating, another group of medals had been given 5 period following the competition.

The fortune of gold medals in women’s singles and ice dance had been made the decision just by one assess’s vote, which, alas, had not been inside our benefit. Sterling silver medalists had been Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva and Irina Slutskaya.

In men’s unmarried skating, 1st two methods on the podium happened to be used by our very own figure skaters: Alekse Yagudin (silver) and Evgeni Plushenko (sterling silver).

And once more triple gold! Two-time world champions, five-time European champions, three-time Russian champions, Tatyana Totmianina and Maxim pions in pair skating. For any next Olympiad in a row, gold in men’s room singles skating happens to be about levels of our personnel – the three-time globe champ and six-time European champ Evgeni Plushenko turned the Olympic champ. It actually was the guy just who, the very first time when you look at the reputation for figure skating, performed the blend of a quadruple bottom loop – multiple toe loop – triple rittberger.

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